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Sansibar live sword w/scabbard

Sansibar live sword w/scabbard

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28" Sansibar "tinamban" steel Sword (live blade) Filipino Kali Arnis Escrima Eskrima NEW

Hand made in the Philippines, on the island of Leyte, to our specifications. These are not your typical 'agriculture' made utility sword that you can buy at the markets, they are custom made for true combat. Sansibar is 28" total length.The blades are hand forged steel. The hilts are traditionally carved in the 'fighter' style-made from Carabao Horn. The scabbards are wood with aluminum bands running the length of the scabbard.

The Sansibar is the perfect sword to complement your eskrima, arnis or kali training.

Live sansibar "tinamban" steel sword with wood scabbard . Hand carved carabao horn handle
Right hand grind on blade.
This is a LIVE blade.

28" overall length
23" blade
1.46 lb weight

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